Getting to the private website

We limit access to the private site to the email address you signed up with.

This is the account that gets email from the google group.

If that email is a Google email: you should be good.

If that email is not: you need to associate that email with a Google account.

If you try and access the private LAH CERT web site and see this:

Then either log in with your google account, or click "create account" to create a new account. Creating a google account does not necessarily create a google email: it just gives you a username and password to authenticate with.

If you see this error:

This means that you are *already* logged into google with an account, but it is an account that is not subscribed to the LAHCERT google group (yes, I know, the error message isn't helpful...).

The easiest answer is to either log out of the google account, or open a (chrome) incognito, (edge) Inprivate, or (firefox) private browser window. That will let you access the private web site without being logged in; you should then see the screen with an account field and 'create account' button.

This same technique works for getting to the lahcfd-cert google group archive.